Live bands

So Lune (FRA)
Trip Hop

We saw So Lune playing in Toulouse in 2018 in a Neo Tango festival, and we say wouahhh, this will be good for fusion ! They will be with us this year for the pleasure of the dancers

La Revolution Band (SP)
Blues & Fusion

La Revolution Band is coming from Valencia SPAIN. They played in Toulouse for the first edition of the Toulouse fusion weekd-end and it was awsome !

The band members are also dancers  and they keep playing and dancing in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid ... There will be a 4th musician this year for the Fusion sets. Don't miss them  ! 

revolution band.jpeg

Rustey armando (voice &drums), Juan (guitar), Vicent (saxo), andrea (keyboard & violin)

DJ Program

The DJ's that will play for us  are from different multi dance background : Blues, Neo tango, Zouk, WCS, African,Contact impro, latin...


DJ Encarny Villarreal (SPA Valencia)

My passion is to create a world that is a great festival of love, light and joy and with this goal in mind I founded the swing, blues and fusion communities in Valencia. I have been training dancers for more than 15 years and organizing prestigious festivals such as “Double Shot” which will launch its 6th edition shortly.

 … but it was in 2014 when I fell in love with this world called Fusion, I traveled for months to learn from our great family in the US, I created the project to unite all communities and since then I have not stopped sharing this magic that heals our body and soul. When I play fusion for dancers, time disappears and in the silence that remains, the music arrives without being asked in order to be and feel free.


Dj Justin (USA)

Justin is a well know activist of the fusion scene. He is blues and fusion teacher /DJ based in the US and promoter of RECESS fusion events. As a fusion DJ, Justin is obsessed with new music.  He can't stop digging the internet for the newest, hottest, grimiest, tracks that the world posts day to day.  He continually strives to find new music that stretches the musical styles and aesthetics of both the dance community at large and himself.  Most recently his musical tastes have moved towards hip-hip and latino basted electronica: chill-step, glitchhop, ambient, downtempo, flow reggaeton, electro-cumbia, electro-pop, electro-funk, and music that you can't help but move to.  He picks music that inspires the dancer not only rhythmically and musically, but emotionally as well

Greta 2.jpeg

Dj Gréta K. (Milena) Spain/Cat

A music and dance lover based in Barcelona. She enjoys finding, listening and sharing new music with dancers. Her Dj style is influenced by electronic music and combines energetic moments with softer and more sensual ones, as she feels the dance floor. For her, fusion is self-expression, fun and freedom, that's why she loves it. In her local scene, she is the resident DJ and organizer of the Flow Fusion Dance Night, a monthly event that has been held for over four years now. She has also played on festivals and events in Valencia, Madrid, Berlin, London, NY, Copenhagen, Krakow, Bruges and Bern


DJ Thierry (FRA Toulouse)

Thierry is specialized DJ for Neo Tango, Blues and Fusion. What he likes is nice melody, variation of styles and energy, playing with ryhtms and emotions. He played in various week end events accross europe in fusion (Toulouse fusion week end, a Lil taste of fusion, Ice bear, cocoa...) and Neo tango (TNT, NTAmsterdam,  NTBruges, Greek NT marathon, ...). He co organizes Toulouse fusion week end, Bruges Fusion week end and various NEO Tango marathons. and hosts a  monthly fusion party in Toulouse


DJ Evelyn Flouer (USA/Bern)  “Comfort, Contrast & Texture” is Flouer’s mantra while DJing for a room full of Fusion dancers.  She calls NYC her hometown, though she mostly be found traveling the world creating dance experiences for many kinds of people.   While DJing, the dance floor is her tapestry as she spins rich, colorful portraits full of creativity.  In her world, she seeks to lull you with the sweet sounds of familiar rhythms- then skyrocket you into starry realms, far past where you ever thought music could take you.  Dance is your playground, music is your jungle gym


DJ Sun(FRA Toulouse)

DJ Sun (Sandrine) hosts a monthly fusion party in Toulouse.

For each session she looks for new musics with various influences: from modern Brazilian Zouk, Jazz, Classical, World, Electro, Lounge...

She seeks to create a musical journey.

DJ the Ramon  (SPA/CAT Barcelona) from the Barcelona scene, known for his mixes of downtempo electronica with other styles, always looking for the perfect fusion between power and emotion. Surely his sessions will not leave you indifferent.Ramon already played in Toulouse fusion 1st edition as part of the Ramones duo and gave us a super set. Don't miss it !

ramon cano.jpeg