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Live bands

Timeless Keys (FRA)
New Soul

La Revolution Band (SP)
Acoustic & Electro Fusion

We heard them (and danced!) in a bar in Toulouse last year , and we say this will be good for next Fusion week end édition !

La Revolution Band is coming from Valencia SPAIN. They came  in Toulouse for last 4 editions of the Toulouse fusion week-end and it is always awsome ! 

The band members are also dancers  and they keep playing and dancing in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid , Bern, Porto... Don't miss them  !

Rustey Armando (voice &drums), Juan (guitar), Vicent (saxo), Andrea (keyboard & violin)

Revolution band Fusion set 2023

Revolution band Fusion set 2023

Lire la vidéo
Revolution Band Acoustic set 2023

Revolution Band Acoustic set 2023

Lire la vidéo

DJ Program

The DJ's that will play for us  are from different multi dance background : Blues, Neo tango, Zouk, WCS, African,Contact impro, latin,...


DJ Thierry (FRA Toulouse)

Thierry is specialized DJ for Fusion Neo Tango, Blues. What he likes is nice melody, variation of styles and energy, playing with ryhtms and emotions. He plays regularly accross europe in week end events  in Fusion (Toulouse fusion week end, a Lil taste of fusion,TOM, Ice bear, cocoa, Porto...) and Neo tango (TNT, Amsterdam,  Bruges, Greek NT , Roma, Prague, Munich...). He co organizes Toulouse fusion week end and several NEO Tango marathons. and hosts a  bi monthly fusion party in Toulouse where he is the master DJ


DJane Sun(FRA Toulouse)

DJ Sun (Sandrine) hosts a monthly fusion party in Toulouse.

For each session she looks for new musics with various influences: from modern Brazilian Zouk, Jazz, Classical, World, Electro, Lounge...

She seeks to create a musical journey.

DJ Mark Carpenter (USA-CA)

Mark is an international Fusion and Baystyle instructor, DJ, and organizer who has been teaching social dance since 2006. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expanding this emerging artform, founding the Fusion Dance Academy in SF, organizing, and teaching workshops all over the world.

DJane Marina (FRA TLS) Marina started to dance 11 years ago. First ballroom dances, then she discovered swing dances and everything changed! With Blues dance she blossomed fully, beeing able to express her creativity and playfullness. And one day, she fall in love with fusion dance. Since 2017, as a DJ, she always tries to find musics lush and diverse, to stimulate expressivity and musicality. Rhythm variations, piano-vocals, electro music, everything is possible if you can dance, create, express yourself and have fun! For her, fusion music is about giving emotions to everyone, and allowing dancers from various horizons to share good moments together

Greta 2.jpeg

DJane Gréta K. (Milena) (SPA/Cat) - To be confirmed

A music and dance lover based in Barcelona. She enjoys finding, listening and sharing new music with dancers. Her Dj style is influenced by electronic music and combines energetic moments with softer and more sensual ones, as she feels the dance floor. For her, fusion is self-expression, fun and freedom, that's why she loves it. In her local scene, she is the resident DJ and organizer of the Flow Fusion Dance Night, a monthly event that has been held for over four years now. She has also played on festivals and events in Valencia, Madrid, Berlin, London, NY, Copenhagen, Krakow, Bruges and Bern


DJ Jeremy (UK) Jeremy loves a bit of drama in their dancing, from sweeping classical pieces to opera to face melting EDM Jeremy loves it all. He also love the journey seamlessly weaving between different genres to give a diverse pallet of musoc. He has been traveling and DJing across europe soaking up the influences as he goes waiting to find your favourite tracks.

black boles_n.jpg

DJ Blake (USA) Bringing those West Coast vibes to Europe since 2021. Micro or bust.


DJane Eila Galan (SP-CAT)

Eila is a music lover. She literally spends the entire day listening to music, her headphones are an extension of her since they were given to her as a child. She has a wide musical taste ranging from classical, folk, world music, hip hop, latin rhythms to electronics… Music has saved her many times on a personal level and has given her previous connections with her body, mind and with other people. She is a regular DJane selector in the Barcelona scene, especially in the Blues and fusion scenes.

One of the things she loves most about the fusion scene is being able to share many styles, so that people can dance or simply feel the music in the company of others. She also tries to use different rhythms, textures and sounds on the dance floor to test the dancers and have them go through different states in their dance.

DJ Nadja (GER)

You found her dancing and dj-ing on blues and fusion events all over Europe, such as Doubleshot, Drag the Blues, Hummingbird, ... She is co-organizing fusionsocials in Berlin (fireflyfusion) and was coordinating music and djs for the bear blues and icebear exchanges in Berlin. 

More to come.......Stay tuned

If you'd like to have a DJ slot to share your music, please contact us here

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