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Fusion workshops


Thursday May 18 at Espace Allegria

1 12:00.-12:30.: reception for passes and worshops

12:30  - 18:00  - Three Fusion Courses of 1.5 hour


Friday, May 19 at Studio Hop (4avenue de Rangueil, Toulouse)

1 p.m.-1:30 p.m.: reception for passes and worshops

1.30 p.m. - 4.45 p.m.: Two fusion classes of 1.5 hour 


Kris Leczek (Poland)

International dance instructor, known from world-renowned festivals, Polish and London’s dance scenes; certified dance instructor in UKA organization in Great Britain.

The basics Kris teaches are comfort, guidance, contact and pleasure. His dance style is rooted in the Brazilian SoulZouk based on organic movement and celebration of the "beautiful chaos" of dance and all that it brings: connection, creativity, musicality, fun, inspiration and improvisation. The main compass in dance is intuition and empathy for another person, not the precision of performing known movements and dance combinations. 

Since 2003, Kris has been fascinated by conscious movement and connection at the level of the body, the spirit and the source. Kris's dance teachings are heavily influenced by many practices such as meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi as well as dance therapy and contact improvisation. His dance path focuses not only on movement, but also on inner growth, fostering sensitivity and empathy towards his partner and the world.


Kris will teach 3 workshops, themes to come.


Alexandra Karsenty (Fr)

Professional dancer since 2004, choreographer and director, Alexandra has been passionate about dance for 30 years! Very quickly integrated into international festivals which offer her to teach fundamental techniques for dancers from any horizons, she continues to train herself and meet new dances, and communities of dancers. Graduated from the Center National de la Danse de Lyon in contemporary since 2007, in Society Dances in 2012 (monitoring IFDS-Toulouse), and in Dance Blues in 2020 (Professorat Bluemove BCN-Barcelona), her career between theater, circus, puppetry, Afro-contemporary, urban, swing, blues and Afro-Latin dances, imbues its classes with a multidisciplinary artistic dimension. Playful research, quality of movement, and musicality are associated with her dynamism and good humor, while remaining attentive to everyone's needs.

Workshop theme: centering and going out of the axis!

Work the Axis first, then play to get out of it with listening to the present moment, but without risk (for oneself, for the other). Raise awareness of your Center, build your verticality to learn how to get deliberately out of it, by using simple tools. Individual experimentation then in partnership to find the articular stack restoring stability to increase mobility, free the joints, concretely feel this notion of centering, connect to oneself, to the ground, to the other, and to meet the double direction allowing you to let go while controlling how to manage your balance, your imbalances. Quality of movement and fluidity in your couple dance, by incorporating these tools to play with weight and gravity in connection with musicality (slow down, stretching, vivid).

Bill Eymery (Fr), hip hop teacher

He is a young dancer, curious, who started at the age of 16 with hip hop and breakdance. He became passionate about Dance, and varied his styles with contemporary, boogie woogie, west coast swing, modern jazz, Latin dances. A multidisciplinary training that allows him to draw what he appreciates in each of the dances, whether in culture, movement or musicality.

Dance is above all his means to express himself without words...


Bill workshop theme: how to enrich your fusion with elements of hip hop, in solo and in couple (or more).

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