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What is The Nocturna ?

Nocturna is about dancing in the dark for 30mns.

Each person have one phosphorescent wristband ;  people who want to lead  raise the hand (the wristband one), people who want to follow keep the hand down and people whoprefers dancing as switch keep the hand around the waist area. 

Wristband are distributed just before the start of the Nocturna . Some phosphorescent marks are installed in the room to flag  walls,  mirrors, and potential obstacles.


  • No phone during Nocturna as any light would break the atmosphere . No photo, no texto, no flashlight…

  • Keep silent as much as you can, except at the very beginning of teach dance, if you want to verbalize some boundaries to your new partner,

  • Play the game by changing partner at each dance; it is a fantastic opportunity to discover either people you already know (but their dance might be very different in the dark) , or people you have never danced with before. 

  • Care of your partner and the people around you, avoid large movements.


If you feel uncomfortable with the concept, you will have the possibility to dance in the 1st floor room. Please, choose your room at the beginning and try not to go from one to the other during the 30 minutes as this would break the darkness atmosphere of the nocturna.

Dancing in the dark implies being even more sensitive to the CODE OF CONDUCT rules! We encourage everybody to (re)read the code of conduct before dancing the Nocturna. We rely on you all to make it successful and unique.

Don’t hesitate to say an even stronger NO if something uncomfortable happens, and please don’t hesitate to contact the care team or the organizers if needed for any issue.

As organizers, we are trying to create a special moment, but NOCTURNA will only exist if everybody plays the game!

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