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By entering any festival location (workshops or parties) or engaging in any activities (social activities) you agree to these terms.

Prices and cancellation fees & Ticket Swap​​

You agree with all prices and cancellation fees .

-Cancelation by the dancer :
    • If you cancel your registration more than 1 month before the beginning of the festival, we keep 5€ (administration fee).
    • If you cancel your registration less than 1 month before the beginning of the marathon,no refund is possible.
In any case, you can decide to sell your ticket on our facebook site or any other preferred way. Only contraint is to respect the dancing role of your ticket. Please consult us upfront for approval otherwise

-Cancelation by the Festival organizers :
    • under normal circumstances, if the festival is canceled by the organizers for any reasons, we refund the whole ticket price (excluding ticketing platform   cost paid by the dancer). We can not be held responsible for any festival related costs engaged by the dancers such as flight and accomodation cost. We advise dancers to take cancelation insurance for those expenses.
    • if the festival is canceled because of force majeure or exceptionnal circumstances, organizers will do their best effort to refund the ticket, but refund may be partial if festival cost have already been engaged and can not be recovered (such as artists flights, accomodation,etc...) 

Responsibility for injury​​

All participants are attending the event to their own risk and the organizer does not take any responsibility for participants injuries or health issues that might happen during the festival.


The organizer does not take any responsibility for participants’ belongings.

Adjustment of the Programme​

The organiser of the Event and/or the Venue reserves the right to make alterations to the published event program (bands and venues) where reasonably necessary. We suggest to regularly check our website and facebook event page in order to be aware of potential updates.


All workshops and social events are held in public spaces. Photographs and videos may be taken at these occasions and the Toulouse Fusion may publish such photographs or videos without additional express consent of the participants. Toulouse Fusion will not use such photographs or videos for purposes other than documenting or promoting the activities of the organisation. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your image being taken at one of our events, please contact us in advance.

Protection of personnal data
We use a professional third party ticketing service provider. As such, in no way we can be held responsible of any theft of personnal data that may occur.

Important Note : Ticket re-selling between dancers :

Tickets can be sold between dancers, especially shortly before the event when the cancelation window is over and the dancer can not attend for personnal reasons. Our facebook event is generally a good media to communicate about this topic and find potential buyers


-We saw once a tentative of scam on Toulouse fusion week end FB event, reselling non existing tickets at so called "much reduced price", for tickets bought at so called "much reduced price". What you need to know :

-All our tickets are cancelable and fully refundable until one month before event. So no reason for somebody to resell a ticket at reduced price before

-there are NO "much reduced price" fusion week end tickets

-MOST IMPORTANT if you are in contact with a potential buyer, please ask name of the ticket buyer and ticket number , then check with organisation if the ticket exists before doing any transaction. This is the safe way



Nous avons vu une tentative d'arnaque a la vente de faux billets Fusion. Une personne a proposé des billets soit disant à prix reduit qu'elle vend a n'importe quel prix sur l'évènement FB. A savoir :

-tous nos billets sont remboursables a 100% jusqu'à un mois de l'évènement. Donc il n'y a aucune raison que des billets à prix bradés soient revendus avant

-il n'y a pas de tarifs reduits donc encore moins de raison qu'ils soient à prix bradés

-des billets peuvent effectivement être mis en vente dans le dernier mois, mais dans ce cas demandez le nom de l'acheteur et le numéro de billet et vérifiez avec l'organisateur que ce billet existe. C 'est le plus sur

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