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DJ Line-up


DJ Nadja (GER)

You found her dancing and dj-ing on blues and fusion events all over Europe, such as Doubleshot, Drag the Blues, Hummingbird, ... She is co-organizing fusionsocials in Berlin (fireflyfusion) and was coordinating music and djs for the bear blues and icebear exchanges in Berlin. 


DJ Thierry (FRA)

Thierry is specialized DJ for Neo Tango, Blues and Fusion. He played in various week end events accross europe in fusion (Toulouse fusion week end, a Lil taste of fusion, Ice bear...) and Neo tango (TNT, NTA, NTD NTB, Greek NT marathon, ...)  as well as monthly fusion party in Toulouse (DJ & Org). He co organizes Toulouse fusion week end, Bruges Fusion week end and various NEO Tango marathons. He also gives occasionnal workshops of Blues and tango

robin fusion.jpg

DJ Robin (NL)

For Robin, Fusion means crossing the edges of what is known, familiar and comfortable while feeling right at home. Constantly on the search for new music, he loves to build his sets as musical journeys through time, space, and emotion, and hopes you’ll find something you’ll like along the way


Dj Gréta K (SPA/CAT)

Dj Gréta K. is a music and dance lover based in Barcelona. She enjoys finding, listening and sharing new music with dancers. Her Dj style is influenced by electronic music and combines energetic moments with softer and more sensual ones, as she feels the dance floor. For her, fusion is self-expression, fun and freedom, that's why she loves it. In her local scene, she is the resident DJ and organizer of the Flow Fusion Night. She has also participated in festivals and events in Valencia, Madrid, Berlin, London, NY, Copenhagen, Krakow, Bern.

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